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How do I pay for my booking?

Payment is very simple, you can pay cash on delivery/collection of your device. Card payments can be made to stores who offer the facility, this will be included on their profile page.

Easypc.repair do not receive any payments directly from the customer.

How do I become a member?

Click on the sign up for free tab in the top right corner of the page. If using a mobile device click the hamburger menu and select sign up.

You can also become a member when making a booking for the first time and filling in your details on the form.

Why would I want to use mydevicerepair.co.uk

There is no easier way to find a local repair store and book your device online. When you have selected a store you can choose the device you would like repaired at a convenient time and date. Lastly payment is made to the store directly once repaired so there’s no added cost.
Once you have used mydevicerepair.co.uk, you will receive offers and promotions via email and text. View all open and closed bookings on your account and make changes to existing bookings. You will also have the opportunity to leave feedback following a repair.

How does it work?

Simply visit mydevicerepair.co.uk and enter your postcode, this will then be matched with local repair stores. You can then browse their repair list and see an estimated cost for your repair. Choose to drop your device to the store or have them pick it up select the date convenient for you sign in and confirm your order.

How long will it take to sign up?

No more than a couple of minutes to enter your details and sign up for free.

How much will it cost me to become a member?

Absolutely nothing!We want to make it easy for you to find local repair stores and the best price for your device repair with free membership for everyone.

I can’t find the stores telephone number before I book, how can I get it?

We are unable to provide the stores telephone number until the order has been placed. The telephone number will be on your booking confirmation email once it has been accepted and can also be found on your accounts page.

Can I book my repair for a specific time and date?

Of course! To book, just select the date and time you want to drop off or have your device picked up from our calendar. The store will confirm the exact time on your confirmation email once they have received the booking.

What devices can you book for repair on the site?

You will find stores repair most devices, with almost all supporting the following:

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Laptop
  • Mac Book
  • iPad
  • Tablet
  • iPhone
  • Smartphone

Just enter your postcode and see for yourself!

Can I just search for the highest rated store in my area?

Absolutely! Once you have entered your postcode, select the drop down list on the top of the store results and choose what you want to sort by. You can sort by distance or highest rating. On the right hand side you can filter by shop type and device.

Popular Questions

I need to cancel my booking! How can I do this?

Just go to your account page select the bookings tab and click cancel under the booking. If you still need help contact us or the store ASAP!

How can I get a VAT Receipt?

VAT receipts are available if the store is VAT Registered – but some smaller stores might not be. You can contact the store and check once your device has been booked in.

I accidentally booked my device for drop off instead of collect – What can I do?

Don’t worry – just give the shop a call and explain you want your device to be collected. The stores telephone number can be found on your confirmation email. Still having problems? Contact us

I haven’t received my confirmation email – Has my booking been made?

Don’t worry – there may just be a technical glitch, your booking has probably been made and there is just a delay in your confirmation email. To check this go to the “My Account” page and select “My Bookings” and check the order is placed. Still having problems? Contact us

I booked a collection! Where are they?

Stores on our site do everything they can to get to you on time. On busy days, like the weekends and evenings, it can take a bit longer.

The best thing to do is contact the store direct. Since they are collecting your device, they will know exactly where the technician is and why they have been delayed. You can find the stores number on your booking confirmation email.
Still having problems? Contact us

Good or bad? Tell us about the service you received

There are hundreds of stores. How do you know which one to choose? That’s where reviews are very valuable. Reviews keep our stores on their toes and help you to find the best and cheapest repair store every time. If your device is fixed early, on time, dropped back with a smile or the store just went the extra mile to make you happy –share it with others! But if they are late, overly expensive or did not fix the problem, we need to know!

So, after every repair, leave a review! Just log in to your account, find the booking under the bookings tab and leave a review anytime. If there is a problem with our website drop us an email at help@mydevicerepair.co.uk so we can fix it.

I’ve just received my device and the problem is still there.

Sometimes mistakes are made! If something needs fixing, you can:

  • Check your email confirmation to make sure your repair was listed
  • Call the store direct giving them the opportunity to rectify the problem
  • Otherwise, we’ll be happy to contact the store on your behalf to find out what has happened.

No stores appear when I search using my postcode?

We hate to admit it, but that probably means there are no My Device Repair partnered stores in your area at the moment. Fortunately, you can help us fix this! Tell us about the repair stores in your area, just email info@easypc.repair to let us know about them. We will do the rest and soon will have repair stores close to you on mydevicerepair.co.uk.

Where can I find the stores address so I can drop it off?

The stores address appears on your confirmation email and under the bookings tab on your accounts page.

How can I find the best stores?

Reviews! Users recommend stores, letting you know what is good and bad. Once you have entered your postcode, you will see the stores have a star rating. The more stars, the better. When you have had your device repaired, leave a review! You can help the rest of My Device Repair users by letting them know which stores provide a good service. Reviews are the best way to ensure you get a great service.

Not sure how to leave a review?

All you need to do is log into your My Device Repair Account, select bookings, find your last repair and select “Leave a Review”

How can I get in touch with My Device Repair?

Whatever you need, just let us know – we have our team ready to help you out. Contact us


What are the benefits of joining My Device Repair?

My Device Repair is the UK’s only online booking repair service. Having an online presence increases the potential to gain more business from a greater number of customers in your local area – it’s that simple. We will get you online without any hassle – we list your services and process bookings.

I need to join. Where can I sign up?

Great! By putting your store online you will be getting more business from more customers in your local area – it is that simple.

Sign up here

How long do I have to collect the device?

Our customers can specify any time they would like their device picked up however, the shortest time period you have to pick up the device is 1 hour. If you should ever experience any problems meeting this deadline, we would encourage you to call the customer to let them know.

If you are unable to reach the customer, get in touch with us and we will help.

Can I refuse an order?

Yes, however, why would you want to lose business and make a bad name for yourself? In exceptional circumstances such as inclement weather or having no collection driver, we do understand it might be physically impossible for you to collect. If however, you are too busy in the store, please consider contacting the customer and agreeing an alternative time. That way, you keep the business and a very happy customer!

If need be please get in touch with us so we can inform the customer.